Rapid Tooling Prototyping

Prototype Molding

Prototype Molded Cradle

The best solution to ensuring that a challenging custom molding project will work is to build a prototype. And the best solution to building a prototype is rapid tooling prototyping. Without investing in hard tooling, rapid tooling prototyping with American Precision Products uses any one of a variety of processes to give you a solid sample of the piece you're set to produce.

At American Precision Products, we frequently use rapid tooling prototyping process utilizing injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, casting, vacuum forming, insert molding, and others. We're able to produce these using materials from thermoplastics and thermosets to rubbers, silicone rubber, and thermoplastic elastomers. You'll get real production materials treated with real production processes.

Our experienced prototype production staff will first generate 3D files of your part (our use those supplied). Then to obtain any number of 3D pieces, we will use our own in-house CNC process, or work with one of our trusted suppliers with processes such as 3D printing, SLS, or stereolithography. We then create the prototype tooling using a variety of methods, with no geometry limits.

Our job at American Precision Products is to take your design and then create a rapid tool prototype that gets as close as possible to the goal. From a perfected prototype comes a perfected mold, and from a perfected mold comes a perfected part. To learn more about the rapid tooling prototyping processes we offer at American Precision Products, contact our account representatives today. With over 25 years of experience is prototyping, we're ready to put your concept to the test effectively, quickly, and affordably.