Engineering References

The following are just a few of the references that we have found to be useful over our many years of plastic molding.

Customs and Practices of the Mold making Industry: 
Classifications of Injection Molds for Thermoplastic Materials, A Guide for the Purchaser or Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Injection Molds., Mold makers Division, The Society of  the Plastics Industry, 1989.
Information on how the mold making industry works and concise information on specifying molds and their classifications.
Plastics Engineering Handbook of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. 5th ed.
Michael L. Berins ed.,  Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY.  1991.
Some 800+ pages covering most every process involved with plastics from polymer structures to final value added operations.
Standards & Practices of Plastics Molders: 
Guidelines for Molders and Their Customers, Molders Division, The Society of  the Plastics Industry, 1993.
Clear and concise information on how the molding industry works as well as design guidelines and material tolerance specifications.

Cosmetic Specifications of Injection Molded Parts
Specifications for Molders and their Customers
Publications Number: AG-103
Society of  the Plastics Industry, 1994

Cosmetics are an often overlooked area.  Outlines viewing conditions and acceptance criteria, classification system, keys to cosmetic inspection, glossary, templates.